The Council of Administrators is the body of officers consisted of deacons and deaconesses, and of leaders of Departments elected to serve the members of the Congregation in all capacities under the leadership and direct supervision of the Senior Pastor, and the active support of the Ministers.

This Board of Servant-leaders shares between themselves the load of 12 exclusive ministries inside the deaconate, and 12 major units that constitute the general administration of the Holy Bible Baptist Church. The Council meets for reports, reviews and planning every other month.

The Board of deacons is divided into 3 groups: Congregational, Administrative and Family deacons and it is led by Deacon Jean J. Lacombe and Deaconess Claire Rose Belacy. They are the two oldest of the board.

While the deacons deal more directly with individuals and/or family members of the church, the Leaders of the Department supervise, coordinate the programs and activities of the Association or the Department he/she is called to serve.